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Introducing: Lab Rats

Watch the Open Electives series

Open Electives is an independent mini-documentary series produced by Masih K and Nick P. This series delves into interesting topics with a microscopic lens in the hopes of educating people.

Episode 4

For over 12 years, Kislenko worked on intelligence cases as a Senior Officer with Canada Immigration, interrogating (or Interviewing) real and suspected “bad guys” in support of Canada’s national security interests.

In this episode of the Open Electives, Professor Arne Kislenko breaks down the history of espionage since it first began.

Episode 3

Nick Parker and Masih Khalatbari talk with professor Klaas Kraay about how the multiverse intersects with theism and atheism.

Episode 2

If we tell you we are going to have to kill you. In this week’s episode of the #OpenElective series Nick Parker and Masih Khalatbari talk to a former Senior Immigration Officer about the reality of working for the agency.

Episode 1

Dr. Klaas Kraay is a Ryerson University professor who teaches and continues to publish work in the area of Philosophy of Religion. Dr. Kraay sat down with us to talk about what the multiverse could possibly look like. 

Diving into Toronto’s Housing Crisis

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