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Katia Galati

Finance Director. Social Media Editor. Hard News Editor
Katia Galati is a fourth-year journalism student with an interest in video production, social media and court reporting. She’s currently the news coordinator for CJRU 1280 AM where she manages and a produces a radio show called News at Morning Mixtape.

Talha Hashmani

Digital Director. Investigative Editor
Talha Hashmani is a fourth-year journalism student specializing in investigative reporting. He is an intern at the National Post, after interning at Metroland Media’s Simcoe County division. His work has been featured in CanCulture, Radio Regent, and CJRU 1280AM. He also received the Loretta H. Yaskiel award for excellence in crime and court reporting and was the producer of a radio segment that won JCU’s best upper-year audio piece last year

Nick Parker

Marketing Director. Video & Audio Editor. Opinion Editor
Nick Parker is a fourth-year journalism student Ryerson specializing in multimedia journalism and opinion writing. He has collaborated in the past with organizations such as the Walrus, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and CBC. He’s also spent time contracting private videography work. 

Naama Weingarten

PR Director and Outreach Coordinator. Culture & Lifestyle Editor
Naama Weingarten is a fourth-year student at the Ryerson School of Journalism. She spent two years coordinating the morning newscast for CJRU 1280AM, conducted investigations for outlets like Vice and CBC, and interned at the Investigative Journalism Bureau where she worked on investigations for the Toronto Star. She’s won various awards for her creative writing, particularly in comedy.

Masih Khalatbari

Communications Director. Video & Audio Editor
Masih K is a fourth-year journalism student. He’s interned at the Investigative Journalism Bureau, was a videographer for Mum’s the Word – an award-winning interactive documentary on the forced adoption mandate in Canada – and was a crime reporter for Radio Regent. He’s also a senior reporter at Investigative Chronicles, a publication dedicated to chronicling the 1987 murder of a high school freshman.

The Editorial Team


Aditi Roy

Aditi Roy is a first-year journalism student at Ryerson University. She enjoys writing feature and opinion-based articles and hopes to explore investigative journalism. Aditi currently serves as a writer/contributor for YouthInPolitics, HerCampus, CanCulture, and The Unaffiliated Press. She was also this year’s recipient of the Faulhaber Communications Award.

Rafka Abou-Khalil

Rafka is a second-year student currently studying journalism and film at Carleton University. She loves experimenting with photo and video editing and has an interest for broadcast journalism. She is hoping to expand her horizons and have an impact with her never-ending curiosity for the world around her.

Clesha Felicien

Clesha Felicien is a third-year journalism student with an interest in feature reporting. She enjoys creative writing and storytelling. Clesha currently writes monthly articles for Canadian Adventist Messenger and looks forward to working with more news organizations in the future.

Nadia Al-Zanbouri

Nadia Al-Zanbouri is a second-year journalism and political science student at Carleton University. From a young age, both her Iraqi ancestry and the conflict in Iraq, inspired Nadia to constantly be informed and consume news. She has written articles for Her Campus Carleton and The Charlatan. Her drive to tell stories is rooted in providing a voice for those who are often silenced.

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