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The modern-day working witch

By Naama Weingarten

Unlike the witches we’re used to seeing in fairy tales, Aerin doesn’t wear dark, pointy hats or live in a dark castle. In fact, most of her work is devoted to healing, as she typically helps her clients overcome trauma and better understand their world through different witchcraft modalities. Never did Fogel imagine she would work in film. But then, a unique gig came along.

Digital Composition by Nick Parker

A Virtual School Burnout

By Talha Hashmani

For a second, we thought we had some rest. A brief break from the worries of deadlines, submissions, lectures, and online classes. A week later, we’re back on the grind. This time, we’re better prepared to take control of the stresses in our lives and excel in our ambitions. Or are we?

Digital Composition by Nick Parker

Burnout Digital
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