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Stories by the Burnout Generation, for the Burnout Generation. 


It really seems like we can’t get a break sometimes. With our ever-growing access to information, there appear to be so many issues to worry about or trends to keep up with. But a lot of them, however, aren’t typically presented in a way that appeals to young people in traditional media. 

Burnout Digital is made up of five highly ambitious and motivated journalists who have come together to engage a younger audience with topics where the media tends to leave them out of the picture. 

As we emerge into adulthood in unpredictable times filled with simultaneous injustice and social awakening (and of course, a global pandemic), it’s fair to say we are burning out. At Burnout Digital, you can keep up with the news that matters or simply get an inside look into something new without the stress of not getting it. We approach all of our stories with integrity, fairness, accuracy, and a commitment to make the world seem a little less complicated. 

Burnout Digital tries to make the world seem a little less complicated through news stories that are relevant in today’s world.

Interested in what we do? Stay tuned, we’ll be accepting pitches after the holidays!

Burnout Digital
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