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Canada’s failed approach to reports of China’s ongoing Uyghur genocide

By Talha Hashmani. Satellite images show a build up of over 250 concentration camps. Chinese census data show nearly 1.3 million Uyghurs have been sent to “reeducation and transformation centres” from 2014 to 2019. And reports of forced sterilization of close to 80 per cent of Uyghur women. And yet, Canada lags behind the Western…


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The modern-day working witch

By Naama Weingarten. Unlike the witches we’re used to seeing in fairy tales, Aerin doesn’t wear dark, pointy hats or live in a dark castle. In fact, most of her work is devoted to healing, as she typically helps her clients overcome trauma and better understand their world through different witchcraft modalities. Never did Fogel…

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Seeds of a cultural revolution

By Talha Hashmani. Dating is forbidden, seen as a cultural abomination. But a brave few rebel against such dogma, paving the way towards a revolution for individual choice and freedom.

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How costly is our cure?

By Nick Parker. Politicians can talk about COVID-19 as much as they want, but in doing so, they are leaving out an epidemic that has the potential to be just as great, or even greater than the current pandemic.

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